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Meet Salvatore Valvo and Emilio Scalzo. In 2021, drawing from Salvatore's 19 years in the booze game (AUS and USA) and Emilio's experience as a savvy, award-winning restauranteur, they created Sopra Seltzer.


After witnessing first hand the hard seltzer boom in Salvatore’s five years in New York, he knew it was time for the Aussie market to have a product that focused on quality and authenticity. With Emilio’s brilliance in developing the brand and their shared Italian heritage - they were off!


Together, they concocted a meticulous blend of only three key elements—Vodka, Water, and real fruit juice. That's all. 


Welcome to the world of Sopra Seltzer, where tradition meets innovation, and every sip tells a story. Join Salvatore and Emilio on a journey of taste, crafted with care and inspired by their shared heritage.

Cin Cin.

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We are always on the hunt for talent! So please get in touch with our team if you live and breathe Sopra Seltzer - we would love to hear from you!

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